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We believe that as a plan sponsor’s business evolves and their needs change, so should their retirement plan.

Founded in 2001, Pension Innovations and Consulting, LLC. is a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) that is a full-service retirement plan servicing firm comprised of seasoned consultants and administrators dedicated solely to the design, installation and administration of qualified retirement plans.

We regularly access a network of attorneys, accountants, financial advisors and insurance agents in the preparation and evaluation of plan reports.

We believe that an independent observer who has no financial interest in the plan should prepare this vital information.

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With our in-depth knowledge of Federal Regulations and flexibility in developing and administering a program that best meets our plan sponsors’ needs, we can assure the integrity of every retirement plan while enhancing the savings that can be realized through a well-designed solution.

The Process

After an initial meeting and needs determination, we will propose recommendations specific to your situation and provide a plan of action.

Custom Support

We’re proactive in our service and take a highly consultative approach by providing guidance through each and every issue. Each plan sponsor is different and we service with this in mind.

Our Team

With more than 300 years worth of combined experience in our industry, we feel confident in the intelligent and accurate fulfillment of your needs.


Top seven reasons financial advisors and plan sponsors trust us with their retirement plans:

Each plan sponsor receives a dedicated single-point-of-contact for the life of their retirement plan.

We maintain full objectivity and are not licensed to sell investment products. We rely solely upon our financial advisors and investment professionals to select and monitor all investment options on behalf of the plan sponsor.

We are locally-owned and operated with over 300 years of cumulative industry experience.

We take a team approach – the team is the plan sponsor, investment provider, PIC, and the financial advisor. Should one of these players need to be replaced, it can be done without affecting the entire team.

We specialize in custom plan design that best aligns with our plan sponsors’ needs and business objectives.

Many investment platforms provide us with revenue sharing which we pass through to our plan sponsors – this creates a most cost- competitive solution.

We utilize industry-leading, state-of-the-art technology to manage the confidentiality and operation of the plans we service.

From basic recordkeeping questions to the most complex technical issues, we'd love to talk to you.

Highly educated, with the depth and breadth of seasoned professionals, our administration team can provide your organization with individual attention and professional advice that is accurate, timely, and practical.